iTali Thermo imported from Italy,  reliability in colour fastness and washing resistance are the main features making the iTali line one of the most popular products currently available on the market.

Big names like Manchester United, and other International teams use the same high quality product.

iTali THERMO IS NOT a heat transfer or flex material,  commonly use by sign companies, sold as n print to the general public, that leaves clients with  n low grade product.

Thermo transferred onto “difficult” textiles such as nylon, leather, light silicon treated garments (K-ways, sport bags, umbrellas, training jackets, etc.)

Name and numbering or any other writing in one standard color can be done from 1 unit. from R100.00 ex vat

Clients can supply any type of garment.

Great to use for: hoodies, wedding, birthday, soccer, rugby, netball, gift, his & hers, baby grow gift garments.

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