" iSpy has stood the test of time."

  Widely used by  brands like the Jeep and Billabong,  and other welL known  Surfing Brands

Organic Silk Screening Printing

SABS - High Quality Approved Textile Print Method , with it's unique durability,  is ideal for the export and high end and retail /online market. 

The Ink is  according to the international GOTS standards that won't,peel, flacks, crack. the more it is ironed the longer it last. 

Up to 6 SOLID Colors on Cotton Fabric

Organic Screen Printing start from 35 to 1000's , any print size up to A3 

 High end Direct on Garment Print

 Environmental friendly ink for super print durability.

iSpy is in exclusive collaboration with this giant if machinery, the biggest in Africa to enable to supply the same quality to all of iSpy's Clientele and Brand Developers  for online and the export, retail , online and  the general corporate use, and  for MULTICOLORED PRINT for small and big orders, easily customise different shirts..and work for dark and light cotton garments



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