iSpy - The printing method of direct on garment image and photo printing on a T-shirt. 

Print your own  Graphic or Designer shirt 

Pricing is quoted by size (not by colour) and based on the following sizes A7, A6, A5, A4, A3, light or dark garments.


  • Water-based with high elasticity white ink and CMYK inks specifically developed for digital printing on textiles
  • Print up to 636dpi for unbelievable detail and clarity
  • Print over seams, pockets, buttons, collars and zippers
  • Print on light and dark garments
  • Image size can be 700cm X 500cm

A proprietary wetting solution features a unique formula that combines wetting additives with water.  The wetting solution is applied automatically during the pre-treatment process directly onto the printed area which prepares the surface to accept the special textile ink.  This causes a chemical reaction which allows the ink to bind to the garment fibers, creating an optimum printing result which is completely wash-resistant.

Prints have exceptional wash fastness properties and can be ironed over.

We can print on a wide selection of textiles including cotton, polyester, denim, fleece, wool, linen, satin and many more (please enquire on our Vic Bay Once Off online portal or alteritivly contact us direct)..

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