iSpy print - it’s an art, and you're wearing it.

ORGANIC INK : "waste water can be used  as fertilizer"

At iSpy we only use ink which is locally developed and manufactured, and that is environmentally friendly.  During the printing process ink is pressed onto the garment through a 100% silk mesh. We have successfully hand-printed on various fabrics such as cotton, hemp, bamboo and other tested fabrics.

Screen printing is a hand-crafted art, which is over 3,000 years old. 

At iSpy we press ink through a 100% silk mesh onto the garment during our printing process. The ink used is locally developed and manufactured and is environmentally friendly. Each colour is printed twice, (top of the other) which is the reason why it withstand heat and ironing.

Clients can rest assured that the best possible artwork preparation is done before the printing process is started.                                                      

At iSpy we believe that if an image is not screen printed onto a garment, it is NOT a print.

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